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Welcome to and, the place to play head-to-head backgammon against friends, online.

SimplyBG is a virtual backgammon board play manager. Play against friends and favourite opponents from anywhere in the world, at any time, in a professionally manage playing environment.

Play at your own pace, you and your opponent choose to. Your unfinished games are saved and are available when you return. You can fit backgammon into your schedule by playing with this stop/save and return to play feature.

SimplyBG requires no downloads or installation requirements. This superb play manager runs in your browser on your desktop, tablet or mobile device. (iPad,Kindle-Fire,Android,Mac,Windows and Linux)

Have a look at some of the recent and interesting advances and features of

Integrated opponent talk, chat and video within the playing board. Come, give it a try!

Integrated replay/review feature.

Export finished match data into GNU-Backgammon and eXtreme-Gammon

High-Contrast Checker Settings

Several players requested hi-contrast checker pieces on the playing boards. 4 checker colors are now available to help see the pieces on the board better. Enjoy!

Posted by Simply Backgammon on Thursday, December 8, 2016

Parlour Rooms with Chat Find Impromptu Opponents

Now it's easier to find an opponent in the Open Play Parlour, Player-to-Player chat and Room-Chat is now available.

Posted by Simply Backgammon on Tuesday, November 22, 2016